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Belgian brewer hit by strike

Published on 16/03/2005

16 March 2005

BRUSSELS –Belgian brewer InBev was paralysed by a union strike on Wednesday in its Louvain, Jupille and Anderlecht plants.

The industrial action by the FGTB/ABVV union was condemned by the management of Interbrew, the Belgian branch of InBev.

The Socialist union is attempting to put wages up as part of a restructuring of the food and drink industry.

Other strikes were carried out earlier in the week by different food and drink companies.

The union said InBev was targeted this time because it is the biggest Belgian company in this sector.

A 4.5 percent salary rise across the industry was necessary but in large companies like InBev a bigger rise could be expected, said Hugo Coosemans from ABVV.

The Christian union said on Tuesday night that it would not take part in the strike.

Only the Hoegaarden distillery and the international headquarters of InBev were not involved in Wednesday’s industrial action.

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