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Belgacom ‘told to axe 2,000 jobs’

Published on 25/06/2004

25 June 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgacom, Belgium’s former state-run telecommunications monopoly, has been advised to cut 2,000 jobs over the next three years, Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir reported Friday.

The recommendation is made in the company’s so-called “Forward” plan, whose initial findings have been presented to the board, Le Soir claimed without citing sources.

Commissioned last December with union approval, the study set out to find a way to reorganise work to take account of the company’s future needs.

Two previous social plans had urged a cut of 10,000 posts over eight years.

The majority of the 2,000 cuts would not actually come from outright firings.

The plan recommends that 610 staff be transferred to the civil service. About 750 of the 2,000 positions would involve personnel who were due to leave the company anyway under the so-called BeST social plan.

Belgacom spokesman Philippe Rogge refused to confirm the report, insisting that the Forward plan is not a social plan but just an analysis. “Nothing will be decided before we have had the chance to complete the dialogue foreseen with the unions,” he told Le Soir.

On Thursday, Belgacom announced the creation of two new posts on its management board, currently made up of seven directors.

The newcomers are Scott Alcott, who as chief operating officer will be responsible for fixed-line activities and Chief Strategy Officer William Mosseray who will oversee effective integration of the firm’s strategic activities as well as corporate programmes and regulatory matters.

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