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Banned food colouring found in Belgium

22 February 2005

BRUSSELS – Traces of a recently banned food colouring have been found in samples of Worcester sauce delivered to Belgium from the UK.

The dye, Red Sudan 1, has been banned by European legislation because of its potentially carcinogenic properties.

Traces of the dangerous substance in several British products sparked a health scare in the UK last week.

The Federal Agency for Food Security (AFSCA) has said the public need not be alarmed but it has contacted the British authorities and the European Commission to evaluate the short term risks of the colouring.

AFSCA has refused to release the name of the company that received the shipment from the UK.

The company has already withdrawn the bottles of Cross and Blackwell Worcester sauce from its shelves.

AFSCA has advised consumers not to use bottles with expiry dates of  2008/2009/2010.

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