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BA strike affects 1,000 passengers at Zaventem

Published on 12/08/2005

12 August 2005

BRUSSELS — Some 1,000 passengers at Zaventem Airport in Brussels were affected by the British Airways strike at Heathrow Airport in London on Friday.
British Airways scrapped all flights to and from Heathrow on Friday due to a labour dispute at a catering company.

About 1,000 BA ground staff walked off the job in solidarity with workers sacked from the catering firm in a restructuring process. They started to return to work on Friday afternoon.

An estimated 70,000 people were hit by the British Airways strike. BA cancelled about 500 flights at Heathrow, while Australian airline Qantas, Sri Lankan Airways and Finnair also scrapped flights.

However, there were not very many passengers with SN Brussels Airlines (SNBA) with a ticket for one of the cancelled tickets. Solutions were also found for the affected passengers.

“Of the nine flights that are carried out via ‘code sharing’ by British Airways to London Heathrow, there are 144 SNBA passengers affected by the annulments,” an SNBA spokesman said.

He also said the situation was perfectly manageable. If passengers booked directly with SNBA, they were informed of the cancellations by the airline’s call centre.

Otherwise, travel bureaus were informing passengers. There is also the possibility of re-routing, refunding or taking later flights. About 1,000 passengers in total were affected at Zaventem Airport.

Airport operator BIAC urged passengers to ring the reservation number for more information.

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