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Aymeric, Nicolas in hospital until mid-January

Published on 22/12/2005

22 December 2005

BRUSSELS — Premature royal baby twins Aymeric and Nicolas will remain in the Sint-Lucas Hospital in Brussels until mid-January.

The announcement was made by gynaecologist Corinne Hubinont when she acted as a witness for Prince Laurent as he registered the birth of the twins on Wednesday.

Hubinont signed the birth register together with Viscount Etienne Davignon, who had also signed the birth certificate of Princess Louise, the first child of Prince Laurent and his British-born wife Princess Claire.

A nervous and visibly tired prince was not interested at the municipal offices of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe to make jokes with the assembled press.

However, he did introduce the third — and necessary — witness to the prince: “Count Cédric du Monceau de Bergendal is a great ecologist. He will be able to teach my sons a lot about nature”.

The 4th witness was naval captain Georges Vanlerberghe, who — like Davignon — also served as a witness for Princess Claire.

As a gift from the municipal council, Mayor Georges Désir gave Prince Laurent two rocking horses in the form of a cow.

Aymeric and Nicolas were born via Caesarian on 13 December. They were not due until January, but both Princess Claire and the boys are said to be in good health. However, the twins will remain in hospital for several more weeks.

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