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Auto insurance to cost more

Published on 20/03/2007

20 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Women drivers are going to have to pay considerably more than they used to for car insurance. Europe is requiring the member states to get rid of distinctions between men and women when it comes to insurance.

“So insurers are going to have to increase women’s car insurance policies considerably,” says Philippe Colle of Assuralia.

“Women cause 14 percent fewer accidents on the roads,” Colle says. That is why car insurance is currently cheaper for women. An 18-year-old female new driver pays on average EUR 450 a year, while a male driver pays about EUR 1,200.

The European measure, which requires EU countries to observe equality between men and women in economic matters, will get rid of this advantage for women.

This could mean an increase to about EUR 700 for women. Life and health insurance will also become more expensive for women.

On Thursday the government will vote on the measures. “Hopefully common sense will prevail,” Colle says. Belgium’s decision will not become final until 21 December of this year.

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