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Authorities seek Dutchman in Maddie case

Published on 03/08/2007

3 August 2007

TONGEREN – Justice officials in the Belgian town of Tongeren are looking for a Dutchman thought to be about 40 years old in connection with a possible sighting of missing British child Madeleine MacCann.

The man visited a terrace in Tongeren, near Maastricht, on Saturday together with the child thought to be Maddie and a younger English-speaking woman.

The police have issued a description of the man. The Fristi bottle that the child drank from and the straw she used have been confiscated, most likely for DNA investigation.

A waitress at the Tongeren café De Pauze told newspaper Het Belang van Limburg on Thursday: “When the three had left another woman came up to me. She said she was a child therapist and that she thought the child had been behaving strangely. I didn’t notice anything suspicious but I told the woman she should call the police.”

Four-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from a hotel room in Portugal in early May.

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