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Atomium façade for sale

Published on 26/11/2004

26 November 2004

BRUSSELS – One thousand plates of aluminium from the outer façade of the Atomium will go on sale in January for EUR 1000 each.

Workers will begin to remove the aluminium plates on 15 January and they will be on sale from that moment.

The large atom-shaped structure on the outskirts of Brussels has become a symbol of Belgium along with the Manneken Pis and chips.

The plates are expected to become collectors items and will be numbered from one to 1000 with a certificate of authenticity.

Commenting on the price, Diane Hennebert, Atomium director, said EUR 1000 was “a reasonable price that will interest both collectors and the general public.”

The plates are in the form of triangles with dimensions of 2.80 metres, 1.80m and 1.40m but each piece is said to have its own unique shape.

A decision to replace the structure’s façade with weather-resistant steel plates was behind the decision to sell off the original pieces.

The renovation will continue until January 2006 and workers hope to restore the Atomium to its original glory when it was first created at the international Exposition of 1958.

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