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Arson suspected in primary school fire

Published on 18/04/2005

18 April 2005

BRUSSELS – Authorities suspect arson behind a fire that broke out in the early morning hours Monday at a primary school in Amay, a town of about 13,000 inhabitants in Liège province, the latest of a series of suspicious fires in the area in recent days.

The fire, which completely destroyed the teachers’ lounge, a student dormitory and at least one entire classroom, broke out sometime around 2 a.m. Monday. Flames also reached the school’s kitchen.

The building not been closed, however, so about 30 students were affected by the fire, according to La Libre Belqique, which did not mention any injuries.

Firefighters from Huy were quick on the scene, as they happened to be fighting another fire nearby. Authorities suspect criminal intent following a series of mysterious fires that have broken out in the area lately

A few days ago, the Collignon law offices were completely destroyed in a fire whose origin is still being investigated.

Firefighters have responded to a number of fires in the past few days, including two cars next to a maintenance garage.

The public prosecutor’s department has recommended hiring an expert to investigate the causes of the fires.

As for the school, director Alain Altgains told La Libre Belqique, “We are trying to find solutions for receiving the students in the best conditions.”

He added that school officials had contacted the institution’s insurer to find the best solution.

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