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April breaks weather records

Published on 01/05/2007

1 May 2007

BRUSSELS – April broke a number of meteorological records this year, according to the monthly overview published by the meteorological institute KMI today.

The average temperature for the month came to 14.3 degrees, compared to a normal average of 9 degrees, and breaking the previous record of 11.9 degrees from 1987. The average maximum temperature was 20.5 degrees, breaking the record of 17.4 degrees from 1946.

The sun shown at the measuring station in Ukkel for a total of 284 hours and 10 minutes, compared to a normal April average of 158 hours. The hours of sunshine also broke the previous record of 255 hours from 1893.

There was no precipitation in the month of April, while 53.1 litres per square metre is the normal average. In April 1893 there was 0.5 litre of precipitation per square average, another record beaten by this April.

The mildness of the wind was also a record: average wind speed for April was 2.8 metres/second, compared to a normal monthly average of 3.7 metres/second, and beating the 1984 record of 3.0 metres/second.

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