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Apple and Vodafone close to agreement

27 June 2007

BRUSSELS – Apple and Vodafone are close to signing a contract on the use of the iPhone in Europe. Vodafone would become the exclusive operator for all of Europe.

The contract is all but signed, according to sources at Vodafone. In Belgium Vodafone has an agreement with Proximus, which offers the Vodafone Live! services.

It is not certain however if that means that Proximus will be distributing the iPhone in Belgium. This might be in violation of the legislation on conditional sales. Proximus might however be able to offer more favourable conditions than the competition.

The Orange group, which is active in Belgium via Mobistar, was also in the running to be the European partner. Apple has decided in the end for Vodafone however.

The iPhone, a cross between an iPod and a phone, will be in US shops from Friday. The phone will not be available in Europe until the end of this year. The handset will cost about EUR 500.

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