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Apologies for racist remark

5 November 2007

BRUSSELS – Flemish Sport Minister Bert Anciaux, is calling on Johan Vermeersch, the chairman of Football Club Brussels, to implement “an active anti-racism policy”. According to Anciaux, this is the only way that Johan Vermeersch can make up for his blunder.

The chairman of FC Brussels stands accused of telling a Congolese player that he should “go climb a tree and eat a bunch of bananas”. Mr. Vermeersch apologised for the incident on Saturday. According to Bert Anciaux, this kind of racist remark is unacceptable.

“Racism must be fought,” says Mr Anciaux, who also happens to be a fan of the Brussels football club.

“Brussels of all places must fight against any sort of discrimination. Because this is the philosophy Brussels should proclaim.”

“Everyone has the right to a second chance. Vermeersch should do something fast to right his wrong. He should turn a weakness into a strength.”

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