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Antwerp ring road ready in seven weeks

Published on 13/07/2005

13 July 2005

BRUSSELS — The construction works on the Antwerp ring road will be completed on 3 September, 10 days earlier than planned, Flemish Public Works Minister Kris Peeters said on Wednesday.

Work on the Kennedy Tunnel — which resulted in a ban on wide vehicles using the tunnel — will be completed on 28 July, newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported.

The second phase of the road works is currently in progress and since Wednesday, the entire Antwerp ring road has had a reinforced concrete surface.

By 10 August, several link roads must be completed and by 15 August the Merksem viaduct must be ready along with every exit and entry ramp.

The complete finishing touches to the large-scale project involving emergency lanes, guard rails and storm water drains will be completed by 3 September. The new expected completion date is 10 days earlier than planned.

To have the road finished by 3 September, the construction workers will work through the building sector holiday period, newspaper ‘Het Gazet van Antwerpen’ reported.

However, Minister Peeters warned motorists that traffic problems can still be expected as work continues after 3 September on link roads, exit and entry ramps and on the Singel.

After the works on the Kennedy Tunnel are completed, work will begin at the start of August on the link road between the Ghent-bound ring road and the E19 South.

The road works will force the closure of the link road and traffic will be diverted around the area for the entire month of August.

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