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Antwerp prison uprising ends peacefully

Published on 26/09/2005

26 September 2005

BRUSSELS — A short-lived uprising took place in the Antwerp prison on Sunday night as 80 detainees refused to return to their cells after an evening walk.

Police were dispatched to the prison at about 8.30pm to end the uprising and two hours later, all of the detainees had been returned to their cell.

No violence was reported during the incident and there were no injuries, newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported.

The uprising started after inmates had been let out for an evening walk. Two groups of detainees — spread over two walk paths — refused to return to their cell.

When police arrived, one of the two groups decided to end the uprising at the request of attending officers.

However, a second group of about 80 detainees refused. Continued efforts eventually ended the uprising without the need for force.

The uprising comes after Antwerp prison guards went out on strike on Friday in protest against a personnel shortage.

The prison operated with a skeleton staff over the weekend and a 48-hour strike started on Monday morning.

At the same time, unions will enter discussions with Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx in a bid to resolve the dispute.

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