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Another accident at Antwerp port

Published on 15/03/2007

15 March 2007

BRUSSELS – A large crane tipped over onto an inland ship at the height of quay 170 on Thursday afternoon. The crane operator sustained minor injuries. The skipper of the inland ship was not at the site.

The fire brigade says that the crane’s brake system failed. The crane was driving up and down the quay as containers were loaded and unloaded.

“The crane drove right into the dock,” said fire lieutenant Tom Van Gyseghem. “The crane operator was underneath and saw what was going to happen. He tried to use the emergency brake but that failed as well,” Van Gyseghem reported.

The man just managed to jump out of the crane. He was treated at a first aid station at the port.

The 400-tonne crane landed half in the water, half on the inland ship. The crane’s hydraulic system leaked a lot of oil into the water and barriers have been put around the wreck to limit the damage to the environment.

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