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Amnesty slams ‘violent, racist’ Belgian police

Published on 26/05/2005

26 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Leading human rights organisation Amnesty International has again criticised Belgium for allowing police brutality and racism.

Last summer, Amnesty International said violence in the police station was not being properly investigated and expressed concern about the high number of alleged incidents of anti-Semitism and racism against Muslims.

On Thursday, Amnesty’s 2005 report repeated the allegations. It stated that violence against Jews had increased in 2004 in Belgium, particularly in Brussels and Antwerp.

The Muslim community also continued to suffer racism, it stated.

Amnesty said police violence throughout the world was being encouraged through the behaviour of US officers in Iraq.

“Torture is no longer a taboo,” stated Vincent Forest, president of the francophone section of Amnesty Belgium. “Torture has been minimised and we are witnessing a blurring of the norms.

“The US, the occupying force in Iraq, has opened up a breach in the ‘new norms’ and other governments are sinking to that level.”

More information on Amnesty’s previous condemnation of Belgium:


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