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Aerosols cause more asthma

16 October 2007

BRUSSELS- The frequent use of aerosols at home increases the risk of asthma. This can be concluded from a survey carried out in ten European countries, including Belgium. The results of the survey are published in a professional journal for doctors, the Artsenkrant.

Between 10 and 20 new incidences of asthma can be attributed to the use of domestic spray cans, such as sprays for polishing furniture and glass and air fresheners.

The use of ammonia, bleach and thinner can be hazardous too.

The risk of asthma among individuals using sprays between one to three times a week is 40 percent higher.

The risk of asthma is even 70 percent higher for those using spray cans more than three times a week, the researchers concluded.

When using aerosols tiny chemical particles are released that are directly inhaled.

The survey comprised 9 years and included 4.200 asthma patients. Almost all the respondents used aerosols regularly.

Belgium ranked in the middle. In this country 42 percent of the asthma patients use spray cans once or more times a week.

The results were published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine on Monday.

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