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Accreditation for BBF – another milestone achieved

“You could say that we’ve been looking forward to this day ever since we first opened our doors,” says Joël Vanmellaert, director at BBF.  “An official seal of quality by independent experts in the industry. A label that guarantees compliance, safety and quality. And a stamp of approval for the product that BBF has been offering clients since 1992.”

This May, the Belgian provider of serviced apartments in Brussels and Budapest was awarded its very first quality label. Reason enough for a tangible sense of euphoria in the BBF offices and certainly a great reason to share the news with you today.

As the leading provider of serviced apartments in Brussels with over 1,500 units on offer, it was essential for BBF to be affiliated with a supervisory board that provides information on all aspects of the serviced housing industry.  BBF first met the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) at the Business Travel Show in London three years ago.

Established in 2002 as a non-profit association, ASAP represents the views and interests of serviced apartment providers throughout the UK. Recently, ASAP expanded their field of operations worldwide and BBF is proud to be their first Belgian member.

The association introduced an in-house quality assessment process designed to ensure core compliance with legal and health and safety requirements, good practice and a measurement and comparison system for quality of services. Recently, they visited Brussels to complete their quality assessment of BBF’s apartments, which resulted in the official accreditation.

“This label gives our corporate clients even more confidence in our services as it offers all the necessary assurances with regards to meeting health and safety and quality standards in what is quickly becoming a more mature, more regulated and more competitive industry,” continues Joël.

“Being awarded with the ASAP quality seal is the direct result of 23 years of experience amid the important and exigent expat community of Brussels,’ adds Bernard Kerkhof, marketing manager with BBF. ‘Researching needs, investing in strategically located buildings and intensifying sales, marketing, quality and services has all helped pave the way towards achieving this stamp of approval.”

“The award not only gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction, but will keep us even more alert towards our services in the future.”

For more information about BBF, visit www.bbf.be.


Contributed by BBF