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7 illegal workers arrested in Brussels

Published on 20/07/2007

20 July 2007

BRUSSELS – The seven illegal workers were taken into custody by local police of Brussel Hoofdstad/Elsene. In addition, they were not in possession of valid residence permits, said the public prosecution department. The owner of the company, a 38-year-old resident of Schaarbeek, was questioned but denied that the seven were employees of his.

The police search at the company on Finneaustraat in Brussels took place at the request of the labour authority in conjunction with the social inspectorate. The officers came across six Bulgarian men and one Polish woman. The latter was filling in for the babysitter of the owner’s children and she confessed to not having a work permit.

One of the Bulgarians had hidden in the refrigeration room when the police arrived and was wearing a heavy blue coat, especially intended for working in a cold environment. Just as in the case of the other five Bulgarians, he claimed that he was not an employee. All five said they were either clients or were looking for work.

The company proprietor also strongly denied that the seven were in his employ. According to him they were all clients. Nevertheless, he will be prosecuted for illegal employment and human trafficking. The seven “black workers” caught were repatriated to Poland and Bulgaria by order of the Aliens Department.

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