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4,000 conning the employment office

Published on 18/04/2007

18 April 2007

BRUSSELS – An estimated 4,000 people are conning the National Employment Office by registering with false labour contracts and dismissal letters and collecting monthly benefits.

The Brussels Labour Auditor will now be cracking down on the first group of 400 defrauders to recover the wrongful unemployment benefits, Het Laatste Nieuws and La Dernière Heure report today.

The forged documents were sold to the recipients by a network of companies in the construction and cleaning industries. Managers of these companies charged EUR 100 for a false pay slip and EUR 350 for a false employer’s declaration of dismissal.

The Labour Auditor suspects that several corrupt officials may have been involved in the network as well. A search of the bailiff’s office of the Brussels commercial law court did not turn up any indications of corruption however.

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