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400 illegals occupy ULB University

20 November 2008

Hundreds of illegals who were evicted from a building in the centre of Brussels on Tuesday sought refuge at the campus of the ULB later in the evening. The ULB is the Francophone Free University of Brussels.

Earlier a Belgian judge ordered that the illegals should quit a building owned by the electricity company Electrabel. The magistrate ruled that it was unsafe for them  to remain squatting in the building.

During the eviction twenty people were held by the police, but they were soon released.

Four hundred illegals then sought refuge in a polytechnic, the INSAS, but there too they were shown the door.

They ended up in the sports complex of the ULB University. The university management gave them permission to stay the night, but the illegals showed little enthusiasm to leave the complex in the morning.

The ULB rector told VRT that it was clear the occupiers had no intention of leaving the building. Negotiation was not possible.

The university now wants the illegals to be evicted from the premises.

(flandersnews.be/Expatica 2008)