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36,000 expected to fly today

29 June 2007

BRUSSELS – Zaventem airport was particularly busy this morning as the first wave of holiday-goers departed. There have not been any problems so far, the traffic dispatch service of the federal police said. Officers are directing traffic at the entrance to the airport.

“People are being advised to use the paid parking lots and not drive up to the front of the airport,” said a spokesperson from the aviation police. “Many are accustomed to leaving their cars in the temporary parking spaces so they can go into the airport briefly to see off friends or family. That should be avoided particularly on a busy day like today,” the police say.

The traffic dispatch service noticed that the access roads to the airport are busier than usual, as anticipated, but no problems have been reported. The area will most likely get even busier in the course of the afternoon.

The airport itself is much busier than usual, but everything has been running smoothly so far. There are long queues at the check in desks and the cafes and bars are doing a roaring trade. Brussels Airport Company, the company that operates Zaventem, expects more than 36,000 passengers to depart from the airport today.

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