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32 vagrant deaths in Brussels during 2007

The Francophone daily ‘La Capitale’ reports that a total of 32 homeless people died in Brussels during 2007. The figures quoted in the paper come from the homeless persons’ charity Mort de la rue.

Of the 32 people who died, 13 perished on the streets of our capital city.

The rest died either in a shelter for the homeless or at a friend’s home.

Maureen Jordens of Mort de la rue told the paper that although homeless people generally die of the same illnesses as the rest of us, they normally die much younger.

Street violence and suicide also account for a number of the deaths recorded by her organisation.

The youngest homeless person to die was just 25 years old, while the oldest was 65.

Only one of the 32 deaths was caused by the cold weather in December.

A memorial service for the man who froze to death is due to be held in Brussels Town Hall on 27 February.