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2,500 gay marriages in Belgium

Published on 22/07/2005

22 July 2005

BRUSSELS — Some 2,442 gay couples have married in Belgium since same-sex marriages were legalised on 1 September 2003, the Interior Ministry said

Belgium was the second country in the world after the Netherlands to legalise gay marriage. Same-sex marriages are now also allowed in Spain and Canada.

A total of 3 percent of all marriages in Belgium are now between partners of the same sex, Flemish broadcaster VRT reported.

One possible reason for the popularity of gay marriage is that many same-sex couples have been living together for years.

But it was not possible prior to September 2003 for them to marry.

It is not yet certain whether the trend is permanent because some gay couples do not want to marry because it prevents them from adopting children.

However, the Belgian Parliament has been discussing adoption rights for gay couples in recent months. A vote is expected after the summer recess.

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