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23 percent more first years in Antwerp

Published on 01/08/2007

1 August 2007

ANTWERP – If the trend continues the University of Antwerp will be welcoming a crowd of new students at the end of September. Registration of first time first year students is up 23 percent from last year.

791 first years have already enrolled, compared to 609 at the same time last year. “We continue to be cautious, but the trend is clearly positive,” says university spokesperson Fabienne Destryker.

All faculties, except for medicine, are seeing enrolment rise. The programme for veterinary medicine and the theatre, film and literature programme at the arts and science faculty have seen the most significant increases in student numbers.

The University of Ghent has also noticed an increase of 25 percent at the moment. There are no figures yet available for the Catholic University in Leuven and the Free University in Brussels.

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