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154 caught in major drugs crackdown

Published on 21/03/2005

21 March 2005

BRUSSELS – Some 154 Belgians were caught in possession of illegal drugs this weekend after the police launched a spontaneous anti-drugs crackdown.

The shock stop-and-search tactics were used from Friday night to Saturday lunchtime in Ghent, Courtrai, Mons and Namur.

A total of 2,688 people and 2,168 cars were searched by 300 customs officials and officers from the federal and commune police forces.

Four people were arrested for the possession of drugs, three of whom were under-age girls.

Overall, police found stashes of 200 grams of cocaine, 53 grams of heroine, 823 grams of marihuana, 163.7 grams of hashish, 436 ecstasy pills and 125 grams of magic mushrooms and joints.

Fifteen people were also found to be driving under the influence of drugs, and another 14 were drunk.

Twelve driving licences were seized as a result and five vehicles were compounded.

Police say the operation was the first of its kind in the fight against drugs.

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