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1.5 million singles in Belgium

19 June 2007

BRUSSELS – 1.5 million people, one in seven in fact, in Belgium are single. There have never been so many, and their number is set to rise in the coming years. The increase is strongest among Flemish men, according to a survey by Parship, one of the largest relationship sites in Europe.

The Belgian singles see themselves as fun and sociable, but often feel lonely. Only 29 percent is happy being single, yet more than 50 percent says they are not actively seeking a relationship.

The singles say they like to flirt, but at the same time claim to seldom take the initiative. About 75 percent of them say they have been single for more than a year and have doubts about whether they will ever find a partner. About 10 percent of all singles in Belgium has never had a serious relationship.

Almost half (48 percent) of Belgian singles live alone. 55 percent of those who do not live alone still live with their parents.

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