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14-year-old Fleming in Noma kitchen

René Redzepi, the chef of the renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, asked him to spend some time in his celebrated restaurant.

The top chef was in Ghent to present a new cookery book. Cédric Borgonjon, who is studying at the Hotel and Tourism School in Spermalie, impressed Redzepi so much that he invited him to work in his kitchen in Copenhagen.

Noma features on the number one spot on the list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.

The work was very much to the taste of Cédric Borgonjon: “I had to be at Noma at 10am. After the briefing I was allowed to clean the mini-potatoes and prepare a crispy cabbage, decorate the plates, open up sea urchins, prepare juices and help in the general clean-up.”

Cédric Borgonjon discovered that the two-star restaurant operates as a true factory. Chef René Redzepi showed him everything: the test kitchen, the lab, the restaurant, upstairs and downstairs, the outside BBQ and the private rooms.

Cédric also met several dignitaries: “I was allowed to introduce myself to the Danish Finance Minister.”

Cédric got an opportunity to invite his parents and brothers to the Noma for his birthday and all his study problems are sorted. René Redzepi told him if he got stuck he could call him at any time.


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