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11,300 Belgians follow eBay courses

Published on 02/05/2007

2 May 2007

BRUSSELS – More than 11,300 Belgians have followed an eBay course at a professional training centre. About 60 percent of the participants took the course for beginners.

eBay Belgium announced this in a press release. The online auction site already has more than 1.7 million users.

The course for beginners is the most popular (60 percent), while 32 percent of participants took an advanced course and 8 percent the professional course.

64 percent of the participants were Dutch speakers; 36 percent were Francophone. The beginners were introduced to buying and selling on eBay and safe payment systems and internet use.

Participants in the advanced course learned how to sell and buy internationally. The course for professionals and self-employed people gives more explanation on the legal aspects of e-commerce. The beginning and advanced courses are free; sessions for professionals cost EUR 50.

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