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10,000 attend march for Annick

9 May 2007

BRUSSELS – More than 10,000 people attended the silent march on Tuesday in memory of Annick Van Uytsel. “Diest will never be the same,” said Diest mayor Jan Laurys.

“A storm has raged through the city. Diest will never be the same. Let us grab hold to the enormous wave of solidarity in the city to make the pain for the parents a bit more bearable. Then this will not all have been in vain perhaps.”

The parents of Annick spoke briefly at the march. Her mother thanked those who had come.

Several member of the youth groups in Diest described Annick as a shy girl who had blossomed into a beautiful women. They asked why such a thing had to happen.
The bells of the Sint-Sulpitius church were sounded after the speeches. Police estimate there were about 10,000 people at the event.

Despite massive efforts from local and federal authorities Annick’s murderer has still not been found.

Annick Van Uytsel will be buried in the cemetery of the Sint-Sulpitius church in Diest on Saturday.

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