About Saudi Arabia

Get an introduction to all the essentials of life as an expat in Saudi Arabia, from the climate to the cost of living and how to stay updated with local news.

Saudi Arabia

An introduction to Saudi Arabia

This introduction to Saudi Arabia includes an overview of its lifestyle and culture, health and welfare system, work and business conditions, and more.

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Holidays in Saudi Arabia

Public holidays in Saudi Arabia in 2024 and 2025

Living in Saudi Arabia? Here’s a list of all of Saudi Arabia’s public holidays you need to know in 2024 and 2025, as well as other important dates to make a note of on your calendar.

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Saudi Arabia language

Arabic: an introduction to the language of Saudi Arabia

We delve into the origin and history of Arabic, the official language of Saudi Arabia, which is spoken by millions across the world.

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Expats in Saudi Arabia

10 questions about expat life in Saudi Arabia answered

What’s it like to live in one of the world’s most conservative societies? Find out more about what it’s like for expats in Saudi Arabia.

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Emergency number in Saudi Arabia

Emergency numbers in Saudi Arabia

Need to contact the police, doctor, or gas company urgently? Bookmark our list of emergency numbers and services in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia climate

The climate and seasons in Saudi Arabia

This helpful guide to the climate and seasons in Saudi Arabia will help you prepare for the country’s unusual environment.

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Cost of living in Saudi Arabia

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia

From rent and groceries, to transport and education, we provide an overview of the cost of living in Saudi Arabia for expats looking to live and work there.

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Saudi Arabia culture

An overview of culture and people in Saudi Arabia

From culture and values to personality traits and stereotypes, this guide serves as an introduction to people in Saudi Arabia.

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