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Last update on December 11, 2018

Moscow’s Leisure section offers weekly cinema reviews, book reviews, travelling in Russia and driving culture in the country.

Travel in and outside Moscow

Read Expatica’s guides to places to visit in Moscow and recreation spots for children. Venture out of Moscow to St Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities of Russia or escape to the nearby countryside.

Some of our bloggers with a beautiful eye for photography will take you inside the flavourful Tsvetnoy Central Market, and get a peek at the famous and traditional Rinok food market. Regardless of your destiantion, read our stretching tips from Rick Steves, and if you’re heading somewhere warm, don’t forget to look after your skin.

Driving and transport in Moscow

How easy is it to get around Moscow? Check out this guide to public transport in Moscow to find out.

If you’d rather make your own way around, don’t forget that driving in a new country can take some getting used to, even if you already have a driving licence, as one blogger will tell you.


The Brussels-based expat team behind film-review website Picturenose.com provide Expatica readers with weekly movie cinema reviews, with a focus on European cinema. Our cinema section also provides film-related features devoted to an area of particular interest – be it Oscar predictions, tributes to directors like Vladimir Motyl, reviews of Russian cinema and Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Ties.

Culture and books

Expatica Moscow’s book section is growing with articles about Tolstoy, Russian cartoonists and Stalin-supporting textbooks. Interested in writing a book about your life abroad? Then read How do you write an expat bestseller.
Other topics covered in Arts & Culture include photography tips on taking better shots, insight from expat bloggers about odd Russian traditions such as prasniks, Russian music schools and tips for traveling around Russia.