Learning Russian: Some useful phrases

Learning Russian: Some useful phrases

Last update on December 11, 2018

If you’ve just moved to Moscow, here are some phrases to help you get by in those first few days in Moscow.

Language tips

It is good to know some words and phrases before arriving in Russia. Here are some helpful words and phrases for you to learn:

Hello! – Zdrastvuitje!
Hi! – Privet!
Goodbye! – Da svidanya!
Bye – Paka
Yes – Da
No – Net
I don’t undertand – Ya ne panimayu
Thank you –  Spasiba
Good morning – Dobroye utra
Good afternoon – Dobryi dien
Good evening – Dobryi vecher
My name is – Minya zavut
Excuse me – Izvinite

More useful Russian for beginners can be found at Jungle Book.

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