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Last update on December 11, 2018

A collection of the top five recipes written by Expatica Moscow bloggers and cuisine gurus, from pimped-out pickles to the classic beef stroganoff.

Trolling around Dining & Cuisine for winter recipes? Expatica has made a short list of the top recipe dishes that will simmer dinners and desserts into a cozy experience. Easy to prep, cook, bake and broil, put fantastic flavor to the test with one of these below recommendations:

Cornichons à la Russe

Don’t be turned off by our Russian pickle pick, this clever recipe delivers bites of crunchy satisfaction for even the most finicky eater. The herb mix is a delicate and impressive blend exceeding the normal dill and garlic — durmast oak and black cherry leaves to be specific. A perfect side for meat and potato dishes, this easy-to-make gherkin idea is a fun try.

Russian recipe: Siberian pel’meni

From simple to something more abitious, this recipe for Siberian pel’meni is a rewarding dish when it’s done right. Blogger Jennifer Eremeeva is a popular read for Moscow stories and snappy angles, and she gets down to business and writes with wit and interest her step-by-step procedure for a perfect and traditional dumpling comfort food.

Russian recipe: Around the world with beef stroganoff

One of most classic recipes on Expatica Moscow, no Russian cookbook is complete without a how-to with beef stroganoff. Not only will this article share an important and simply delicious recipe, but the piece also delivers a brief history and worldwide look at how different countries have “pimped” beef stroganoff to best suit their cultural taste.

Summer recipes: Shashlik and its side dishes

We love this recipe because it takes a normal “meat on a stick” and whips it up with wonderful spices and good barbeque pointers. The accompanied side dishes are a fine fusion of Western flavor paired with ingredients easily found in Russian supermarkets. From gingered lentils to cheesy pasta and fresh tomato salad with basil — this piece covers all the bases on a succesful outdoor meal.