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Last update on January 30, 2019

Katherine Batalov discovers two new restaurants in one weekend – the posh overpriced Vanile and a restaurant that has possibly sparked the blogger’s love for all food Georgian.

In the first two months we lived in Moscow, we had gone, as a family to three restaurants – yolki-palki, moo-moo, and shesh-vesh. All family-style, not too pricey and the food wasn’t bad. We joked we only dined at hyphenated places until our anniversary weekend in June.

Anniversary treat

Photo © Qtea

Georgian cuisine: Eggplant-walnut salad

For our anniversary on Saturday, Leo took me to Vanile (like vanilla). It was a posh place located across the street from Christ the Savior. It was nice inside and had comfy seats (although they were a little too cushy and made the table seemed high). The food was pretty good, but way-overpriced. All in all it was enjoyable, but we probably won’t go back.

The best part? We left home around 19:00, finished around 21:00, stopped by the apartment to check on the kids, and N (our youngest child) was asleep for the night! So, Leo and I did what any reasonable parent would, we changed into jeans and headed out again!

Coffee, ice cream… and crocs!

This time we strolled over to a little office’s cafeteria which serves drinks and food into the night. It was so much fun! We had coffee and really good ice cream and were enjoying the casual, relaxed atmosphere when something caught my eye — in the corner was a little stand that sold… crocs! Yes – crocs in Moscow!! Then Leo noticed all the waitstaff were wearing them. We moseyed over to check them out before heading home. They came in lots of colours and sizes, different styles and varied in price around RUB 1,700 (about USD 55).

The next day, our original plans of heading to the park were cancelled as it was raining. Leo’s co-worker friend offered to drive us around for the afternoon. So they came to the apartment, we loaded the kids and headed out. We drove along the river, stopped and walked around the university.

Dining out on Georgian food

We stopped and had blini from a little vendor. Blini are thin crepe-like bundles of goodness. M of course had hers stuffed with chocolate, P with Kiwi jam (it was delicious!), Leo had cheese and cherry jam while I had vanilla custard with walnuts. All were heavenly!

Then Leo’s co-worker friend took us to a Georgian restaurant across the street from Novodevichy Park/convent . It was soooo good! And the prices were not bad either. I LOVE Georgian food – lots of garlic, fresh herbs, beans, veggies, grilled meat and ground nuts.

Photo © Bolshakov

The kids were really good – they spent the entire meal looking through the menu, which was quite amusing. It was in Russian and English. The English was hilarious: “a motley crew of meats and other smoked products”, “protion of pork served on a brazier” and the kids favourite – “fried piglet”.

They had fun with that one – M joked: “Why did piglet cross the road?” “To get away from the Georgian restaurant!” P joked – “Why did Piglet go to the Georgian restaurant?” Because it had a sign “We serve piglet!” Haha!

So, how lucky am I to go out twice in one weekend?



Katherine Batalov / Expatica

I am a mid 30s mom to three and a northwest gal. We are living in Moscow until they kick us out.





Photo credits: shioshvili; Qtea; Bolshakov; neil conway