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Verdonk misinformed MPs about dumped women

Published on May 20, 2005

20 May 2005

AMSTERDAM — Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk has admitted she “mistakenly” misinformed the Dutch Parliament about a group of Moroccan women dumped in the North African country by their husbands.

The minister told MPs on Wednesday she refused to allow the six women back into the country, claiming that none of them had a child with the Dutch nationality.

But it later emerged that four of the women did have Dutch children — an issue the parliament takes very seriously.

MPs approved a Liberal VVD motion last year requesting that abandoned women with Dutch children be allowed to stay in the Netherlands.

Verdonk, herself a VVD government minister, had told MPs she will not always allow dumped women with Dutch children to stay, but will continue to take that into account when deciding their fate.

She said the women are not always better off if they stay in the Netherlands. The minister intends to discuss the issue further with MPs.

And Verdonk said on Friday her decision in relation the fate of the four women will not change. She also admitted knowing they had Dutch children when she assessed their case, but stressed this was not a deciding factor.

She failed to explain why she had told MPs on Wednesday that she’d been unaware the women had children with the Dutch nationality.
Opposition party green-left GroenLinks is now demanding answers from the minister in a follow-up parliamentary debate.

In the case of four other women, Verdonk agreed to let them stay in the country. Two of them had children with the Dutch nationality and two of them had children with the Moroccan nationality.

It is estimated that dozens of immigrant women are dumped in Morocco and Turkey by their husbands. Their men confiscate their passports, making it difficult for the women to return to the Netherlands.

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