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Two funerals for victims of Tolbert tragedy

Published on August 10, 2005

10 August 2005

AMSTERDAM — The biological father of the little children killed in the northern town of Tolbert in early August attended the first of two funeral ceremonies on Wednesday morning.

Members of the man’s relatives also attended the service that began at the  Selwerderhof cemetery complex in Groningen at 10.30am. A second ceremony, attended by the children’s mother and her family, was scheduled later in the day at a location a few kilometres away.

The burial of Damaris, 4, and her brother Daniël, 2, takes place at 2pm at the Noorddijk cemetery. Two separate ceremonies have also been arranged at the burial site to ensure the children’s mother and father remain separated.

The biological father has threatened to “do something” to his ex-wife because of the tragic killing of their children.

Police were called to the Tolbert home the 33-year-old woman shared with her 46-year-old Dutch-Israeli boyfriend on 1 August. They discovered the bodies of the children. 

The man was hurt when he resisted arrest, the police said.

The victims’ mother had earlier fled the building and begged neighbours to raise the alarm. She was also injured and claimed later that her boyfriend had attacker her with an iron bar.

A police spokesperson confirmed that officers had been called to the home on previous occasions to mediate in disputes between the couple.

This is the sixth time this year people have died during a dispute within a family or relationship.

The biological father of the children claimed he repeatedly warned the social services that the children were at risk.

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