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Ryanair not to use Eindhoven as hub

Published on December 04, 2007

4 December 2007

EINDHOVEN – Budget airline Ryanair will not establish a hub at Eindhoven airport for the time being, commercial director David Gering said on BNR news radio on Tuesday morning.

The Irish discounter decided this in response to Parliament’s approval of an environmental tax on airline tickets. Gering says passengers will opt to fly from nearby airports in Weeze, Germany and Charleroi, Belgium in order to get cheaper tickets.

Ryanair transports a million passengers from Eindhoven Airport each year and expects it could double that number if it were to permanently station two aircraft at the airport. The investment of millions would have resulted in at least 1,000 extra jobs, the airport management says.

Joost Meijs, commercial director of Eindhoven Airport, shares Ryanair’s concerns. “We warned about this too.” Still he is optimistic and says it will be a temporary setback.

“The surcharge of EUR 11.25 per ticket will be introduced in July 2008. Six months later a differentiation will be made and flights on quiet, energy efficient aircraft will be taxed less. Ryanair has a very modern fleet, which means that the negative effects for it at Eindhoven Airport will certainly decrease.”

The airport is in talks with the municipalities of Eindhoven, Best, Veldhoven, Oirschot and Eersel about extending flying times. Ryanair had set the condition that it be able to fly earlier in the morning, later in the evening, and more on the weekends if it were to set up a home base at Eindhoven. It is not clear whether the municipalities will still speak out on extended flying times after Ryanair’s decision not to make Eindhoven a home base.

Meijs says it is important that the discussion on the opening times continue and be completed by the end of the year. “A regional agreement is crucial for the long term future of Eindhoven Airport,” he says.

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