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PM wins legal action against raunchy poster

Published on October 06, 2004

6 October 2004 

AMSTERDAM — A court in Amsterdam has ordered party organiser Ex Porn Star to remove the face of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende from its raunchy posters which it has plastered around the capital’s streets and on the internet.

The court ruled Wednesday that failure to comply with the order will result in a fine that could amount to EUR 50,000, news agency ANP reported.

The Dutch State lodged legal action against Ex Porn Star, claiming that the posters were tasteless.

The director of the Government Information Service RVD, Gerard van der Wulp also said he was opposed to the commercial exploitation of government ministers.

The posters are found in various places across Amsterdam advertising the Ex Porn Star party planned for mid-October.

The poster depicts the prime minister’s face superimposed onto the body of a man who is having sex with a semi-naked woman. The man’s hands are gripping her buttocks.

The more graphic elements of the poster are shielded by a sign which reads: “Norms & Values Censuur” — a reference to the prime minister’s campaign for a return to traditional values.

Balkenende’s eyes are covered over with a black sign that reads: “Balkie”, a play on the prime minister’s name and the Dutch word “balk”, which, among other meanings, also describes the black rectangle painted over the eyes on pictures of people who cannot be identified.

In accordance with the court’s ruling on Wednesday, the posters have been adjusted online with a white circle covering Balkenende’s face. The word “Censuur” (or Censorship) appears in the white circle.

The possibly not-safe-for-work poster can be seen online at www.expornstar.com.

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