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Not under our boardwalk, we’re naturists

Published on August 10, 2005

10 August 2005

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch Naturists Federation (NFN) has called on the government to set aside certain beaches for people who like to have sex in public.

Naturists feel that displays of public sex do not belong on regular nudist beaches, a spokesperson for the NFN said in a radio interview on Wednesday morning.

“Well-meaning naked vacationers” often suffer because of the behaviour of others, he said. “The police often mistake ordinary naturist walkers for a public-sex gathering. They send the naturists on their way or even issue a fine.”

Local authorities also close down nudist beaches to displays of public sex and this is unfair, the NFN spokesperson said.

The NFN has advised naturists to call the police if they see people having sex in recreational areas that are intended for nudists.

A recent study has found that naturism is increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Public sex involving couples and orgies in the open air are also said to a growing phenomenon.

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