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Motorists warned of snow and ice

28 February 2004

AMSTERDAM — Despite overnight snowfalls, few problems were reported on the nation’s roads on Wednesday morning, but weather bureau KNMI has warned of seriously dangerous conditions in the evening peak-hour.

All major motorways and main provincial highways were free of snow at about midday on Wednesday, but motorists have been warned of slippery conditions on local roads, news agency nu.nl reported.

The national police force KLPD said the overnight and morning peak-hour snowfalls did not cause significant problems for motorists.

But KNMI expects from the west snowfalls and possible strong wind gusts later on Wednesday and has warned that snowfalls could occur simultaneously with the evening rush-hour.

In some regions, up to 5cm of snow could occur and the De Bilt-based  bureau said the wintry weather represented a “serious danger” to motorists.

Besides slippery roads, motorists can also encounter poor visibility during snow storms and KNMI has thus issued an extreme weather warning. Snow and hail has also been forecast for Thursday morning, newspaper De Telegraaf reported.

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