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Film industry works on Van Gogh tribute

Published on January 18, 2005

18 January 2005

AMSTERDAM — Dutch filmmakers have started making a tribute film to the murdered director Theo van Gogh, to be released in April this year.

The Dutch Film Festival said 13 screen writers, 15 directors and 10 producers are making 15 short films that will be combined into a compilation film and released to cinemas.

The films detail stories from the “edge” of the murder, picturing the sadness, hope and rage that the Netherlands felt after the 2 November killing.

Costing of the project is estimated at EUR 300,000 and all directors, writers, actors and producers have donated their expertise and time for free.

The Dutch Film Fund, the NPS, Stimuleringsfonds (Stimulation Fund), het CoBo Fonds (CoBo Fund), het Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers (Screenwriters Network) and the Nederlands Film Festival (Dutch Film Festival) are covering the costs of the film. 

Van Gogh was shot and stabbed in Amsterdam by a suspected Islamic militant shortly after making the short film “Submission” with MP Ayan Hirsi Ali. The film cast an accusing eye on domestic violence in the Islamic faith.

A pre-trial hearing in the case against the suspected murderer of Van Gogh, Dutch-Moroccan Mohammed B., will be held in Amsterdam Court on 26 January. B. is not expected to appear in court.

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