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Dutch news in brief – 25 March

Air Holland declared bankrupt

Air Holland was declared bankrupt in the Haarlem Court on Thursday. In February, the airline had received a temporary stay on debt repayments, but the company management has since resolved it cannot repay its EUR 30 million in debts. The company’s flight routes were earlier bought out by Holland Excel.

Parents arrested over teacher assault

Police arrested on Wednesday a couple from Helmond on allegations they assaulted a 48-year-old primary school teacher. The victim was taken to hospital suffering from a head wound, but later released. The teacher was allegedly assaulted because she confronted the couple’s son for hitting a pupil. The pupil was hit by a child from another school. The mother of the child allegedly hit the teacher, while the father kicked her in the head. The assault was witnessed by pupils, leading to the arrest of the 31 and 35-year-old suspects.

Police shut down cannabis plantations

Police raided 11 cannabis plantations in Leeuwarden on Thursday morning. After surrounding a city suburb of 140 houses, about 100 police officers moved in and raided 39 premises. Seven suspects were arrested. Energy company Essent tipped police off after noting an extremely high use of electricity in the suburb.

We are sorry to inform you of, uh … don’t worry

The 82-year-old Johannes Brouwer received an official letter this week informing him of the death of his 79-year-old wife. But Brouwer, of Alteveer, said his wife was still alive. The misunderstanding occurred when another woman with almost the same name died. A spokeswoman from the Stadskanaal municipality explained the mistake by saying public servants had failed to look at the date of birth.

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