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Dutch news in brief, 2 February 2005

Published on February 02, 2005

Emancipation commission disbanded

A commission aimed at stimulating the emancipation of migrant women will be disbanded this summer. Municipal councils will now be given the task of implementing the recommendations put forward by the PaVEM commission, chaired by Argentine-born Princess Maxima. Councils will receive a plan of action on 23 February aimed at providing a language course to 240,000 immigrant women by 2010. It is hoped that paid employment will help foster integration of immigrant women into Dutch society.

Entertainment not for public broadcasters

Public broadcasters should abandon light entertainment programmes, the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) has advised. It said the broadcasters should focus on news, opinion, art and culture. The previously leaked report has been presented to Media State Secretary Medy van der Laan. The WRR said entertainment should not be a core task of public broadcasters, as it presently is, RTL News reported. The council said the government should take greater control by directly financing programmes rather than distributing funds to various broadcasters. It also said a central supervisory authority should be established to replace the splintered supervision now in place.

Smoke-free plans go up in smoke

Health Minister Hans Hoogervorst has watered down proposals on a no-smoking policy for healthcare facilities. It comes after the Parliament rejected his initial plans as too strict. Hoogervorst initially wanted nursing homes and psychiatric institutions to become smoke-free, except for separate smoking rooms. The new proposal would only force them to provide smoke-free areas, Radio Netherlands reported.

3,300 fines for lack of ID

On average a little more than 100 fines a day were issued to people who could not produce identification in January. Since a new law came into effect on News Year’s Day obliging everyone above the age of 14 to carry ID, authorities have issued 3,300 fines, news agency Novum reported. The fines amount to EUR 50 and EUR 25 for those aged 14 or 15.

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