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Dutch news in brief, 18 January 2006

Published on January 18, 2006

F-16s intercept passenger jet

Two F-16 jets were scrambled from the air force base at Leeuwarden on Wednesday morning when radio contact could not be established with a Boeing 737 from Berlin. The fighter jets broke the sound barrier while travelling between Heerenveen and Zwolle, the Ministry for Defence said. Contact with the passenger jet was restored shortly before it crossed the German-Dutch border. The Boeing continued on its journey to Amsterdam and the F-16s returned to base.

‘Ghost rider’ leads to road closures

Police closed the A13 and A20 motorways for a short period late on Tuesday night because of a spookrijder, a motorist driving against the traffic. The man came from the Rotterdam direction and eventually parked on the A13 near Delft. He then jumped from the Kruithuis viaduct. He is in serious condition in hospital.

Hirsi Ali nominated for Nobel Prize

Somali-born Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. Norwegian parliamentarian Tybring-Gjedde put her name forward because Hirsi Ali “fights for equality and freedom of expression”. Norwegian MPs have the right to nominate a candidate. Hirsi Ali is a critic of the treatment of women under Islam.

Friend released in murder case

The authorities have freed the woman friend of the mother suspected of killing her six-year-old daughter Kelly. The friend, 28, and the mother were arrested last week following the discovery of the girl’s body in the family home in Dommelen. The friend remains a potential suspect or witness. The mother remains in custody. Police said the women planned to kill themselves before they were arrested.

Mulisch denies NSB link

Dutch writer Harry Mulisch described a claim he was a member of the youth wing of the pro-Nazi NSB movement as ‘nonsense’. The suggestion was made by journalist Dick Verkijk in a pamphlet entitled ‘Harry Mulisch anti-Nazi’. Mulisch said Verkijk was a creep and that witnesses cited in the pamphlet may have confused his Scout uniform with the one worn by the Jeugdstorm wing of the NSB.

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