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Dutch ministers take action on street youth

Published on September 26, 2008

26 September 2008

THE HAGUE — Dutch Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst and Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin say they will meet with officials from towns where youths from the Moroccan community are causing trouble.

Minister ter Horst spoke during an emergency debate in parliament on Thursday about the recent troubles in the town of Gouda. Bus drivers avoided a neighbourhood in the town after a group of youths there attempted to rob a bus driver by holding a knife to his throat.

The interior minister also wants towns with experience in addressing youth violence to advise towns with less experience.  

Ms ter Horst also said that the Moroccan community should take action to address the trouble caused by some Moroccan youths.

The cabinet does not want to introduce new, tougher legislation, and says that the measures currently in place are sufficient.

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