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City buses hauled off road as unsafe

Published on July 20, 2006

20 July 2006

AMSTERDAM – Fifteen buses were ordered off the road during a traffic check in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The buses, which belong to the municipal transport company (GVB), were found not to be roadworthy, a spokesman said.

Police officers checked a total of 25 buses at two checkpoints. Some of the 15 buses ordered off the road had serious problems, including a leaking petrol tank, an oil leak, non-functioning emergency doors and bald tires. Other buses had less serious problems, including one with a loose seat and another with a broken windscreen wiper.

The police decided to hold the checks after they had noticed a bus with several technical problems.

Travellers’ organisation Rover said that it was shocked at the result of the police check. “[In some cases] the tires had to be changed right there at the checkpoint before they could be driven back to the depot,” said Rover. “The vehicles should always be in good working order.”

The organisation said it wanted to know what measures the GVB would take to improve the maintenance of its vehicles. A number of travellers were let down because the buses they were in were not allowed to drive on, said Rover.

Political parties on Amsterdam’s city council also reacted with shock at the news.

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