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Live music in Maastricht

Jazz Maastricht Festival


Jazz Maastricht is as concerned with jazz as it is with the city of Maastricht. A varied programme of activities aims to strengthen the creative and international climate in the Dutch city. The festival will be held from 9 March to 13 May 2017.

Carnival 2018

The best places to celebrate Dutch carnival


Dutch carnival is celebrated with colour, frivolity – and reckless abandon. Join the Dutch as they let loose at the best carnival events in the Netherlands in 2018.

Rick Steves: History behind Christmas trees and manger scenes in Europe

Rick Steves: History behind Christmas trees and manger scenes in Europe


Christmas trees and mangers are now in homes, squares, and streets all over Europe. But they are more than just decorations — there is a rich history behind them.

Ice skating amsterdam

Ice-skating in Amsterdam and the Netherlands


It's not everyday you can go ice skating in Amsterdam's canals but when the Lowlands freeze, there’s only one thing everyone wants to do — go natural ice skating!

Dutch winter events

A guide to Dutch winter events

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Keep your spirits warm during the cold weather with our guide to the best Dutch winter events, from Dutch Christmas markets, fairs and winter wonderland festivals.

When travel was fun: Visiting the Dutch Aviodrome


Far from today's budget airlines that cram in passengers and luggage, travel was once a unique experience, as expat Amanda discovered at the Dutch Aviodrome.

Awesome Amsterdam: 10 best waterfront terraces in Amsterdam


When the sun comes out in Amsterdam, everyone flocks outside to soak up the sun before it disappears – join them at one of Amsterdam's top canal terraces.

The Holland Handbook: Places undiscovered by the masses

The Holland Handbook: Places undiscovered by the masses


From the Dutch 'Stonehenge' and a 44-acre open air museum, to a living-room planetarium and dolphin station: here are the top undiscovered places recommended by the Dutch.

Top picnic spots Amsterdam

10 best picnic spots in and around Amsterdam


For those miraculous days where the sun shines, Mariah McKenna seeks out the 10 best spots for a picnic in and around Amsterdam.

Dutch ice-cream

Where to buy Dutch ice-cream


Where to buy the best ice-cream in the Netherlands according to Expatica readers.

Top European destinations

Top 5 European destinations for the best beach vacations


The top European vacations are packed for the summer – but you can still find peace and privacy in easyJet’s pick of top European destinations to travel in September and October.

Best bars Amsterdam

Top 10 bars to rock in Amsterdam


Erotic museums, red-lit doorways and drugs are easy to find in Amsterdam – but a good rock bar is a bit harder. Here are the 10 best bars to rock in Amsterdam.

How to eat healthy in flights

10 tips on how to eat healthy on flights

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Helpful advice for frequent expat travellers who want to keep their healthy eating habits while travelling on an airplane and stay away from some less than appetising plane food.

Swimming Amsterdam

Awesome Amsterdam: Swimming in and around Amsterdam


Summer is finally here but is it hot enough for a swim? Here are some hot spots where you can swim in style in Amsterdam.

Things to do in Amsterdam

11 ways to cure your hangover in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is wild by night – and not bad the next day either, if you have a few local tips on where to find a killer brunch or chocolate rotisserie.

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