Moving to the Netherlands
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The expat community in Amstelveen


Amstelveen is often overlooked as Amsterdam’s more suburban neighbour; yet in addition to its easy access to the buzz of Amsterdam, there’s much to be said about the expat community of this liveable city, including international schools and social clubs.

Connecting utilities, television, internet, telephone in the Netherlands

Dutch utilities: Connecting your water, gas and electricity in the Netherla...


This complete guide explains how to connect to Dutch utilities and pay your utility bills, plus includes a list of water, electricity and gas utility companies in the Netherlands.

Connecting television, phone and internet in the Netherlands

Dutch communications: Connecting TV, internet, telephone and mobile


This guide explains how to connect to telephone, internet, television and mobile services in the Netherlands, plus provides a list of the main communication providers.


Moving within the Netherlands: How does it work?


When moving, there is a lot to arrange – no matter how close or how far you are going. To make it easier, get some insight into the two ways to move: organising the move yourself or hiring professionals to take care of it for you.

Rental agent in the Netherlands

Top 10 reasons to use a certified rental agent in the Netherlands


If you’re looking to rent in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands but aren’t sure where to begin, a certified rental agent can help you avoid the often-costly mistakes expats make when signing a lease in the Netherlands.

Why move to the north of the Netherlands


The northern Netherlands provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe offer a Dutch experience with a unique flavour and at a gentler pace. The region is growing thanks to recent investment, and there are many opportunities for expats interested in relocating to the Netherlands.

Moving abroad with family: making a smooth transition

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Many expats move abroad alone but others come with spouses and children in tow, making the transition to a new country a little more complicated.

moving to the netherlands with family

Moving to the Netherlands: A complete checklist of what you need to prepare


This guide covers everything you and your family need to know about moving to the Netherlands, from how to move your household possessions and integrate into Dutch culture to mandatory registrations, driving licences and insurances.


Living and working in Twente


If you’re thinking of moving to the Netherlands for work, think about Twente: an entrepreneurial, high-tech region in the east of the Netherlands. [Contributed by Expat Center Twente]

Dutch life

Settling into Dutch life: Your first week in the Netherlands


If you're new to Holland you are most likely wondering how the Dutch people live and approach Dutch life. To help you settle in and adapt to the Dutch way of life, we've put together a short guide to cover the basics such as relocating your belongings, health insurance and opening a bank account.

Integration difficulties into Dutch society can affect an expat's mental health

Integration difficulties into Dutch society can affect an expat's mental he...


For any expat, loneliness, isolation and depression can become an issue when dealing with the challenges of being away from home and integrating in a new culture.

How to import a car

How to import a car and claim a tax exemption in the Netherlands


Certain laws allow expats moving to the Netherlands to claim a tax exemption on importing a car to the Netherlands.

Dutch mobile numbers

Dutch mobile operators: Getting a mobile number, SIM card and mobile phone...


Find out if you can use your mobile phone in Netherlands as a foreigner or need a Dutch sim card. Compare Duch mobile operators and learn how to get a Dutch mobile number.

Relocation options for moving to the Netherlands

Relocation options for moving to the Netherlands


If you're moving to the Netherlands, what's the best way to send your furniture, belongings or car? This guide explains air freight, shipping and international moving companies in the Netherlands.

The common challenges of expat repatriation

The common challenges of expat repatriation


Thinking about going home? We have put together a handy list of three challenges every expat encounters when repatriating abroad and how to overcome them.

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