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Rent a house in the Netherlands

Renting a property in the Netherlands


Looking to rent an apartment or house in the Netherlands? Read about the quirks of the Dutch rental market to avoid any renting pitfalls.

Buying a house

Buying a property in the Netherlands


Foreigners can freely buy a house in the Netherlands, but it’s important to know the quirks of the Dutch housing market before buying your home.

Living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A guide to the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam


Moving to Amsterdam? Here's a guided tour through the best parts of the Dutch capital, which remains one of Europe's best cities to live in.

Rentals in the Netherlands

Serviced apartments and short-term rentals in the Netherlands


Short-term rentals and serviced apartments are a great solution for people moving to Amsterdam (or other Dutch cities) for a few short months, and for employers looking to relocate staff members to the Netherlands for a temporary project.

The Plantage

Amsterdam Neighbourhood: the peaceful Plantage


The Plantage, the ‘cultural garden of Amsterdam’, is an easy-to-access, quiet residential area located in the heart of the city; however, it also offers a peaceful and relaxing place surrounded by nature and greenery.

Three great reasons to move to Eindhoven


Many expats pick Amsterdam when they have a choice of where to move in the Netherlands, but there are other great cities to explore, and Eindhoven is one of them, with such great advantages as a thriving tech scene, a relaxed atmosphere, and a lower cost of living.

Moving abroad with family: making a smooth transition

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Many expats move abroad alone but others come with spouses and children in tow, making the transition to a new country a little more complicated.

Buying a House in the Netherlands

Seven things to look for when buying a house in the Netherlands

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Are you an expat looking to buy a new home in the Netherlands? Here are seven expert tips to help you navigate the Dutch real estate market and secure your dream property.

Staying for a short time in the Netherlands: how to feel at home

Staying for a short time in the Netherlands: how to feel at home


Those who are coming to the Netherlands for just a few months to a year may have trouble figuring out where to stay, what to do and how to fit in when they get here.

man and woman moving

Moving within the Netherlands


Moving house can be stressful, and if you’re not used to the quirks of Holland, like tiny streets and vertigo-inducing stairwells, it can become a lot more so. Read on for tips and tricks to help your move go smoothly.

the Dutch housing market

The Dutch housing market in 2017/ 2018


In 2017, the Dutch housing market gave a show of strength, with house prices in major cities across the country finally surpassing the peaks seen before the financial crisis in 2008.

Life in Leiden, in the Netherlands

Where to live in Leiden


Set in the heart of the Randstad, Leiden is a picturesque college town that in many ways is the cultural and intellectual epicentre of the region.

Het Gooi

Where to live in Het Gooi


With its lush green forests, rolling hills and affluent neighbourhoods, Het Gooi is one of the most coveted places to live in the Netherlands.

Mortgage in the Netherlands

New solutions for expats struggling to finance their Dutch home


For expats in the Netherlands or Dutch citizens abroad, buying and financing a home in the Netherlands can be a challenging operation.

Amsterdam rental agent

Renting out your home in the Netherlands

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Owning a property in the Netherlands is a valuable investment. With housing prices in the Netherlands still on the rise, renting out your property to expats after you leave the Netherlands can increase your eventual profit.

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