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Rent a house in the Netherlands

Renting a property in the Netherlands


Looking to rent an apartment or house in the Netherlands? Read about the quirks of the Dutch rental market to avoid any renting pitfalls.

Buying a house

Buying a property in the Netherlands


Foreigners can freely buy a house in the Netherlands, but you should know the quirks of the Dutch housing market before buying your home in the Netherlands.

Living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A guide to the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam


Moving to Amsterdam? Here's a guided tour through the best parts of the Dutch capital, which remains one of Europe's best cities to live in.

Dutch mortgage

Learn more about homes in the Netherlands


Discover how the Expat Fair can help you get to grips with tenants rights in the Netherlands, moving abroad, getting a Dutch mortgage and buying a house in Holland.

Mortgage in the Netherlands

New solutions for expats struggling to finance their Dutch home


For expats in the Netherlands or Dutch citizens abroad, buying and financing a home in the Netherlands can be a challenging operation.

How to let property on the Amsterdam market with a rental agency

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Owning a property in Amsterdam is a valuable investment. With housing prices in Amsterdam still on the rise, renting out your property to expats after you leave the Netherlands can increase your eventual profit.

Generating renewable energy in the Netherlands


By now, everyone knows that doing nothing to protect the earth is not an option. Fortunately, more people are starting to take matters into their own hands by generating renewable energy. [Contributed by Greenchoice]

HTEL Serviced Apartments

4 challenges for international human resource management


The labour market for internationally mobile employees is changing rapidly, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers about the future of work. [Contributed by Htel Serviced Apartments]

Dutch mortgages

Your guide to Dutch mortgages


This step-by-step guide explains how to secure a mortgage in the Netherlands, including Dutch mortgage calculators, Dutch mortgage rates and mortgage brokers for expats.

Rent student accommodation in Amsterdam

Student accommodation in Amsterdam


If you have not been allocated a room in student housing, here are tips and links to help you find private student accommodation in Amsterdam.

Expat Mortgages: WOZ waarde

Rising WOZ values in the Netherlands bring benefits to expats hunting for h...


The 2017 Dutch housing market is becoming even more interesting for expats and locals, thanks in part to rising property valuations—which, at first glance, doesn’t seem like much of a benefit.

Living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Living in Eindhoven: Where to live and housing in Eindhoven for expats


Eindhoven was dubbed the smartest in the world in recent years but also has loads of cultural, sporting, shopping and housing appeal for expats living in Eindhoven.

Dutch house prices

Dutch housing market: looking back on 2016 and to the future


For the housing market in the Netherlands, 2016 was a strong year. Higher Dutch house prices, lower mortgage interest rates and greater confidence in Dutch real estate has encouraged more expats to own rather than rent.

Mortgage tips in the Netherlands

Dutch mortgage tips: Adjusting your mortgage’s interest rate by changing yo...


The rise in housing prices in the Netherlands combined with record-low interest rates can help homeowners see big monthly savings. Here are some helpful tips to lower mortgage interest rates in the Netherlands.

ServicedApartments.nl - serviced apartments holland

Temporary housing in the Netherlands: Finding a short-term place that feels...


Looking for short-term, expat-friendly housing in the Netherlands? ServicedApartments.nl helps you find the right accommodation for temporary housing (minimum one week) in the Netherlands. [Contributed by ServicedApartments.nl]

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